Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Graham!!

Graham turns one tomorrow!! So exciting. It is so weird that he could go from this
to this
in one year! He had a rough first few weeks of life but thank goodness he pulled through just fine and is the sweetest, most kissable, giggly little baby and I am so in love with him!! Before Graham I had never been so constantly entertained by someone or wanted to kiss them all over (sorry Elliot, you lose to this little guy) or been so frusterated and at a loss as to what to do. The joys of motherhood.
He has his one year dr's appt. tomorrow so I don't know any of his stats yet but I definitely know that he weighs a ton! It is exhausting lugging him around. If only he would start to walk. So far he shows absolutely no interest in that yet so I guess I have a few more months to build up my arm muscles. He better know that I'm counting my personal chauffeuring as his b-day gift. This stuff doesn't come free around here.