Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Go Penguins!

A couple weekends ago Elliot and I accomplished one of Elliot's life goals: to see a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game. He is really into hockey (he played in high school) and the penguins are his favorite team. I wasn't ecstatic to go, but it was fun to see how excited Elliot was. Turns out, I had a way better time then I thought I would have. It was actually pretty fun. The Penguins lost in double over time :( but it was still a really good game. We will definitely be going to more hockey games.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yea for snow!!

The stake dance was canceled tonight so now I don't have to drive an hour away with a bunch of young woman in my car, wondering where in the world we are going to. Church tomorrow is also delayed 2 hours and we are only having sacrament. Crazy that the entire state of Georgia pretty much shuts down as soon as a few snowflakes fall. Not that I'm complaining......

It's snowing in Georgia!!

We woke up this morning (actually closer to this afternoon but whatever) and it was snowing!! Pretty exciting thing when it is happening in Georgia where about 2 weeks ago it was still in the 60's! I never in a million years would have thought I would say this, but since we moved away from Utah I kind of miss the snow. It's really pretty to look outside and see it falling. I love being all bundled up inside reading a book when it is freezing cold outside. Thank goodness I have nothing to do today (well, except chaperone a stake dance tonight. But hopefully that will be cancelled due to the snow) so I have spent my morning lounging in front of the tv. I'm folding laundry while I'm watching so I don't feel too guilty. Poor Elliot had to go out in it today to do his home teaching. And he HATES snow. Hee hee.

I realize this is not the best picture ever. I had just woken up. Back off.

Elliot refused to go outside to take a picture. He hates the cold that much.

View from our backyard.
View from our living room window. I think you get the point.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Our resolutions 2008

We are going to try to eat healthier. Elliot is the cook in our house and has found a lot of tasty healthy recipes that he has been preparing for us for the last 2 weeks. He is such a good cook. Thanks goodness because I think we all know that I am not meant to be in the kitchen.

He made this delicious shrimp and orzo meal the other night. Delicious.

We are trying to exercise more. Neither of us are big into any particular type of exercise so we have started out just walking a mile every night after dinner. It is actually really nice to have that time together without any other distractions so we can just hang out and talk while we walk. Maybe after we get walking down I might start doing something more strenuous and use the Ipod Elliot got me for my b-day last year that I just HAD to have because I was "totally going to start running every day if only I had an Ipod." Yeah, lets just say that the Ipod has been a great paperweight for the last year.
Elliot's resolutions are to study for the GMAT so he is prepared to take it by the time he graduates ,
and to read one finance book each month.
I want to try to relearn how to play the piano. I'm so sad I gave it up.
We want to try to "go green " a little bit. Bring a little bit of Oregon to Georgia. We are going to start a compost in the back yard as well as build a green house to grow plants and herbs. (such as basil. We aren't bringing all of Oregon with us.)
Elliot put together this recycling station in our garage. It is crazy how much we have been throwing away.
Go to the temple once a month.

And last of all, we want to fix our poor little vespa that is excited to move out of the garage and onto the road.We will see if we follow through with all of our goals. I am already craving some french fries.....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's a new year

For new years eve we went to our friends house and ate lots and lots of food and went hot tubbing. It was a laid back, fun new years. Sadly enough, I didn't get any actual pictures of us celebrating the new year. Just some before we left the house and then on the way home. I don't know why Elliot insists on making these strange faces any time there is a camera near him.

Don't we look ready to party?

Elliot gets excited when driving.
Us at 1:00 am driving back home.

And of course we can't forget this one.
Yeah, I know, this post is just not that interesting. Stayed tuned to an even more enthralling blog of our new years resolutions. We are captivating people, I know.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Merry I a little late?

For Christmas we went with Elliot's family to southern Florida. It was AWESOME! Such a great vacation. We stayed in this really great house.Elliot's mom got rock band for xbox which everyone loved. Many hours were spent belting out the lyrics to Nirvana.

Amanda & Linley
We made pizza's one night. No idea what Megan and Elliot are doing.

My favorite thing was to lay out on the dock in the sun. It was in the 80's the entire time we were there and felt soooooooooooo good. It was wonderful to be able to lay around reading and relaxing for the whole week.

On one of the days we went on a swamp buggy ride. This was the "buggy."

The wild hogs kept coming over to the buggy to eat food the driver would throw out. They were fairly disgusting. But there were a bunch of baby piglets that looked so cute.

Megan obviously enjoyed the swamp ride.
We got to hold a live baby alligator! It was surprisingly soft.

They had a stuffed three horned bull that used to live on the swamp/farm. Pretty strange.
I think most of everybody's time was spent in the pool. It was heated and most of the time felt more like a hot tub.
The boys enjoyed a few games of pool football. That is an athletic looking group of men.
Ryder loved the pool.
So did Elliot. He obviously got a good tan while we were in Florida.
Megan and Adam at the beach.

The beach seemed to magnify both of our good looks.

There was plenty of fishing at the dock at the back of the house.

The ride home was......squishy.Apparently the car brings out my attractiveness as well. and Debbie is crazy. It was a long drive home.

This was really the greatest vacation! Thanks Wallace family for making it so wonderful!!