Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rubber ducky, you're the one

We figured since Graham likes showers he might like bath's too, so we tried it out, and he loved it. It was really cute. I'm excited for him to be able to sit up in it and splash around a little. I also forgot to put in his information from the dr's office in the last post. He is 16.8 lbs and 26 1/2 inches. He is getting to be a big boy and it is starting to kill my back lugging him around. Anyone interested in buying me a massage?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

4 month check up

Graham had his 4 month check up last week. He got what seemed like 30 shots and screamed his head off until they gave him the sweet oral vaccination. As soon as the sugar hit his tongue his crying stopped and he was fine. I think this could possibly be useful information for future temper tantrums. (how wrong is it that I am pre-planning to give my kid diabetes in order for him to act well behaved?)

Here he is right before the shots. Blissfully oblivious.
In other news, he now fits into the Johnny Jump Up that I bought him a few months ago. He seemed to enjoy it and even stayed in it for over half an hour! I'd like to say that I used that half an hour to clean or do something productive, but I'm fairly sure I ended up watching a re-run of Real Housewives of Orange County. Shameful.I wish I had other interesting news to share with everyone, but everything around our house is fairly boring. I'll try to come up with something in the next few days. Maybe I'll pick a fight with Elliot and let you know how that goes.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy 4 months Graham

Graham turned 4 months old today and he thinks he is pretty cool now.
I am so happyhe is out of the newborn stage where he would just cry and sleep all the time. He is getting a lot easier to take care of and definitely isn't as grumpy as he used to be, although he is still a little bipolar and can go from this:
to this within a matter of seconds:Crazy baby. He will smile at almost anyone who even looks at him which is so cute, and in return, if you don't look at him and give him 100% of your attention, he will scream and cry until you do. He learned very quickly how to get his way in this house. And we are complete suckers for it. We have a very spoiled baby on our hands and I'm pretty sure it is going to stay like that for awhile because seriously, could you say no to this face? We discovered recently that Graham likes showers! So now I can just throw him in the shower with Elliot and he loves it (and I get out of having to give a bath. yeah!)
(I hope I didn't make anyone uncomfortable by showing Elliot's bare shoulder. Trust me, it's nothing you haven't seen before. Average at best.)
So I still haven't figured out how to get Graham to take a nap by himself so I have to hold him for each of his 300 naps a day. Seriously, he can only stay up for about an hour at a time before he is sleepy again (crazy, I know) so every other hour, I am sitting on the couch watching divorce court (which is actually hilarious, I highly recommend it) with him in my arms. I have taken a lot of suggestions from people and tried all of them to no avail. Having him sleep with an article of my clothing that smells like me, laying him on his stomach, putting him in his swing (although we just got a new swing today so tomorrow is the big tester for that one, cross your fingers!) letting him cry it out, putting him down still awake. Anyways, everyday I try something new and on this day, I got him in a deep sleep and then laid him down beside me on the couch on his stomach and piled pillows around him so he would still think he was being held. I have no idea why I thought that two pillows on top of him would feel the same as me holding him but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyways, he of course woke up about a minute after I took this picture and I put him back to sleep and watched yet another episode of The Tyra Show (she always ends up sucking me back in with her ridiculously self absorbed comments and that hair! It's different every day! Where does she get the time?)
And this is just a cute picture of Elliot and Graham that I wanted to show off a little. We have some good lookin' men in this house.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My husband and my brother and a little game they like to play

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ped egg changed my life

My mother-in-law bought me a Ped Egg last week after having to remove a piece of glass from my heel and being slightly horrified at the grossness that I call my feet. I have tried to tame my callouses before using all kinds of foot scrubbers and lotions, but nothing worked very well and I wasn't really willing to keep up with it every day. But thanks to Ped Egg, I can now have beautiful feet with very little effort!! This thing is really great and I think all of you need to go out and get one right now. All you have to do it rub it on your feet for a few minutes while watching tv (you don't actually have to watch tv for it to work, but it is a little less boring if you have something to watch while doing it) and wha-la! Your feet look terrific. I would put a picture up of my feet on here, but I'm pretty sure I could be making money off of them now so I don't want to go giving them away for free, ya know? You'll just have to trust me on how wonderful they look.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Long overdue

I meant to do this forever ago, but never got around to it. I just want to say how much I loved my OBGYN who delivered Graham, Dr. Jennifer Williams. She is the best Dr. I have ever been to. Really funny and nice and almost always on time at my appointments (what Dr. is on time to every appointment?). She was just really great and I felt extremely comfortable with her during the entire pregnancy and delivery. I am definitly going to go back to her with my next pregnancy (assuming we will still be living in Georgia). Anyways, the point of this post was to recommend her to anyone reading this who is looking for an OBGYN. Her office is next to Piedmont Hospital so if you are in that area (is there even anyone reading my blog that lives in Georgia?) definitely look her up!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Christmas vacation

I decided it is about time I put up a post about what we have been up to the last few weeks. Christmas was really great. Elliot's entire family was here which was fun....and sometimes really loud. There were 14 people total all in one house!! It made it feel more like Christmas to have lots of family around. We mostly just all hung out and spent time together. We baked some cookies for Santa on Christmas eve. This is Ryder and Linley (Elliot's older sister's kids).Ryder helping Grandma cut the cookies out
Elliot watching all 3 kids. Poor guy. I thought it was really cute but I don't think he agreed. It's weird to think that we could actually have this many kids one day. I'm excited for it, but on the other hand, sometimes just dealing with Graham is hard enough.
The guys all canned flour and sugar. Looking at this picture, you would think they had a lot of fun doing it but I'm not quite sure that was the case.
This was Christmas morning. Don't judge us. As if you looked any better that morning.I'm fairly sure Graham could not have cared less about Christmas. We're counting on next year being a little more exciting for him.Grandma got him a highchair so now he can sit at the table with the rest of us! Although instead of turkey and mashed potatoes, he chose to go the less traditional route of a pacifier. I'm trying to get him to branch out.
Elliot was finally able to get a picture of Graham smiling!! Every time I try he stops smiling and stares blankly at me until the camera is gone. What a bum. Lately he has been smiling pretty much anytime someone looks at him and we have even got him to laugh a few times!! I love it.By the end of the week everyone was really worn out and we all needed a long nap. Which leads me to a topic for a future post of why won't Graham sleep in his crib during nap time??