Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy 4 months Graham

Graham turned 4 months old today and he thinks he is pretty cool now.
I am so happyhe is out of the newborn stage where he would just cry and sleep all the time. He is getting a lot easier to take care of and definitely isn't as grumpy as he used to be, although he is still a little bipolar and can go from this:
to this within a matter of seconds:Crazy baby. He will smile at almost anyone who even looks at him which is so cute, and in return, if you don't look at him and give him 100% of your attention, he will scream and cry until you do. He learned very quickly how to get his way in this house. And we are complete suckers for it. We have a very spoiled baby on our hands and I'm pretty sure it is going to stay like that for awhile because seriously, could you say no to this face? We discovered recently that Graham likes showers! So now I can just throw him in the shower with Elliot and he loves it (and I get out of having to give a bath. yeah!)
(I hope I didn't make anyone uncomfortable by showing Elliot's bare shoulder. Trust me, it's nothing you haven't seen before. Average at best.)
So I still haven't figured out how to get Graham to take a nap by himself so I have to hold him for each of his 300 naps a day. Seriously, he can only stay up for about an hour at a time before he is sleepy again (crazy, I know) so every other hour, I am sitting on the couch watching divorce court (which is actually hilarious, I highly recommend it) with him in my arms. I have taken a lot of suggestions from people and tried all of them to no avail. Having him sleep with an article of my clothing that smells like me, laying him on his stomach, putting him in his swing (although we just got a new swing today so tomorrow is the big tester for that one, cross your fingers!) letting him cry it out, putting him down still awake. Anyways, everyday I try something new and on this day, I got him in a deep sleep and then laid him down beside me on the couch on his stomach and piled pillows around him so he would still think he was being held. I have no idea why I thought that two pillows on top of him would feel the same as me holding him but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyways, he of course woke up about a minute after I took this picture and I put him back to sleep and watched yet another episode of The Tyra Show (she always ends up sucking me back in with her ridiculously self absorbed comments and that hair! It's different every day! Where does she get the time?)
And this is just a cute picture of Elliot and Graham that I wanted to show off a little. We have some good lookin' men in this house.


Rebecca and Jason said...

Hey I left you a message but in the post below. Sorry!!

Christa said...

Oh my gosh that smiling picture is adorable, and those blue eyes, are you kidding me? So sweet. I totally found the perfect shirt for Graham today it reads:
" I don't do "quiet" perfect right??? I'll make it and send it.

Alyson said...

ok, so i just put a 4 month post on my blog about Ada. And... Graham is so much like Ada, i wonder if they were seperated at birth or something.

amanda. said...

how cute!!

i wonder if it makes anyone uncomfortable when i say the shower picture of elliot and carson is adorable?

well im uncomfortable.

amanda. said...

hahha oops. i totally meant graham.


Chad & Heather said...

Love the sunglasses pic and the others too. Good idea with the pillows - sorry it didn't work too well! I need to try the shower thing - good idea!