Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Christmas vacation

I decided it is about time I put up a post about what we have been up to the last few weeks. Christmas was really great. Elliot's entire family was here which was fun....and sometimes really loud. There were 14 people total all in one house!! It made it feel more like Christmas to have lots of family around. We mostly just all hung out and spent time together. We baked some cookies for Santa on Christmas eve. This is Ryder and Linley (Elliot's older sister's kids).Ryder helping Grandma cut the cookies out
Elliot watching all 3 kids. Poor guy. I thought it was really cute but I don't think he agreed. It's weird to think that we could actually have this many kids one day. I'm excited for it, but on the other hand, sometimes just dealing with Graham is hard enough.
The guys all canned flour and sugar. Looking at this picture, you would think they had a lot of fun doing it but I'm not quite sure that was the case.
This was Christmas morning. Don't judge us. As if you looked any better that morning.I'm fairly sure Graham could not have cared less about Christmas. We're counting on next year being a little more exciting for him.Grandma got him a highchair so now he can sit at the table with the rest of us! Although instead of turkey and mashed potatoes, he chose to go the less traditional route of a pacifier. I'm trying to get him to branch out.
Elliot was finally able to get a picture of Graham smiling!! Every time I try he stops smiling and stares blankly at me until the camera is gone. What a bum. Lately he has been smiling pretty much anytime someone looks at him and we have even got him to laugh a few times!! I love it.By the end of the week everyone was really worn out and we all needed a long nap. Which leads me to a topic for a future post of why won't Graham sleep in his crib during nap time??


Chad & Heather said...

He is so cute smiling! loved hearing about your christmas!

Alyson said...

oh, i love the tooth-less smiles. i just want a big slobbery squishy kiss.

amanda. said...

Youre hilarious.
Holy crap.

The Zookeeper said...

That was a fabulous Christmas. I miss Graham. I say we set up a trade. I mean, really, look at how happy Elliot is with my kids.