Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a great deal!

My friend Chelsea just started a new blog that posts good deals and giveaways from different websites. She posted about pinching your pennies and I am converted. This website is so great! If you click on grocery guide, you can put in your zip code and it shows you all the different deals for the week at all the grocery stores in your area. How great is that? It eliminates a lot of running around to different stores looking for the best sale. You gotta love that.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little of this and that

Last week I was putting my make-up on and out of nowhere, the mirror/medicine came crashing down from off the wall and fell into the sink. So weird that it was sitting on the wall, perfectly content for a year and a half and then decided to fall that morning. It made quite a loud noise when it crashed into the sink and scared me a bit.
The weird thing is, Graham was sitting at my feet in his bouncy chair and I immediately looked at him to make sure he was ok and he was still sitting there, playing happily with his toy, completely oblivious to the fact that we had just gone through a life threatening ordeal (I like to make things more dramatic then they actually were). It was like he hadn't even heard the mirror fall. I would think most babies would have at least started crying or something. It was very Mr. Holland's Opus-like (you know the part with the firetruck that the baby can't hear?) I was fairly convinced he had some kind of hearing impairment for several days and kept sneaking up on him and clapping loudly to see if her would respond, making Elliot think I was insane. My study ended up inconclusive due to the fact that he only turned around about half the time.
Lately, if you put any object within an inch of Graham's mouth, he lunges for it and starts vigorously gnawing. I am thinking me might be starting to teeth but I don't feel anything coming in so I'm not positive.

(This particular picture warms my heart knowing we both share the same love)

The other morning, I went in to get Graham and I found him like this. The hilarious part was that he held perfectly still until I moved the blankets from off of him. I think he thought he was hiding and I couldn't see him. As soon as I moved the blankets he got all excited and smiley like I had "found" him.We started feeding him solids and he likes the sweet potatoes and seems unsure about the carrots and avocado's. Being the good parents we are, we are also supplementing his diet with airheads. I hear it promotes good health in babies.The other day the TV was on and Elliot was showing me something on the computer. After a few minutes, I realized there wasn't any noise coming from the tv anymore and I look up to see this.
Apparently Graham had gotten a hold of the remote and was attempting to break the password in order to watch something just a little more interesting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Megan's visit

This last week my friend Megan came for a visit. We served our missions together and later were roomates in Provo. She is now living in Texas where she's getting her PHD in marriage and family counseling. It was really great having her here and listening to all of her interesting stories. We kept fairly busy all week. We hiked stone mountain (which I was impressed I could do considering I get pretty winded climbing the stairs in my house).
I dragged her to mutual with me and she got to enjoy making bracelets with the beehives.
We made cake pops which turned out so cute.and we made a stop at Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles. Megan is a fan of Man Vs. Food and he had an episode where he went here so she wanted to see what it was all about. She got the traditional plate of chicken and waffles. I'm curious who originally decided that combination was going to be a hit?

The last night she was here, she lovingly made us all sushi (yummmm) and even provided entertainment with dinner! She brought her karoeke machine so we could all rock out. Elliot of course loved it and took the liberty to serenade us all with every random song he could find. Graham took pity on him and joined him in a duetIt was so fun having here her and we're glad she could come and visit. Graham is definitely missing all the extra attention he got.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Graham's playdate

Once a week I watch my friend Betsy's little girl Rebecca for a few hours in the morning. Graham loves when Rebecca comes over (I'm interpreting his emotions for him as talking isn't quite his thing yet). He watches her intently the entire time she is here, waiting to see what she will do next. I can't blame him since Rebecca is significantly more interesting then I am. She dances around, sings funny songs, and lays down next to him so they can share toys. It's pretty great. She can keep him occupied and happy for far longer then I have ever been able to. This week she ran circles around him until he was laughing hysterically and she was exhausted. Totally adorable. They also both share a love for Wonder Pets which is great because the opening song is so catchy.
Should I be concerned that Graham's head looks about twice as large as Rebecca's?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homemade gooness

After reading a girl's blog that made all her baby's food (I can't put a link to the blog because this girl has no idea I am blog stalking her and it might be a little embarrassing if she found out considering she has absolutely no idea who I am) and seeing how easy it was, I got inspired and decided to try my hand at it as well. Baby food is expensive and money is definitely something we don't have in abundance at the moment (2 more months until Elliot graduates!!!) so I thought this would be a good solution.
I decided to start with carrots, avacado's (Heather you inspired me on this one) and sweet potatoes.
I baked the potatoes
and steamed the carrotsand mashed up the avacado's and pureed the carrots and potates and put them in ice cube trays
and wha-la! I now have baby food sitting in my freezer. So far I have only given him the sweet potatoes and he seems like like those. We'll have to see about the other ones.

This is kind of a long post

So right as Elliot was starting to feel a little better, Graham went from just having a cough and runny nose to being full blown sick. On Wed. I took his temperature and it was a little over 102 so I called the Dr. and they told me to bring him in right away. I have no idea why because all they did was test him for the flu, which he came up positive for, and then tell me he is too young for any treatment and to just watch him for the next few days to make sure the fever didn't make him seizure (what?!?!) and sleep next to him so that I would hear if his breathing became too labored and take him to the ER. Great. So all I have to do is watch my son to make sure he doesn't seizure or stop breathing? No problem. I'm not freaked out by that at all.
I fell asleep with Graham on the couch around 11:00 and for the next hour he woke up every 15 minutes screaming until I rocked him back to sleep. It was too much for me to sleep in 15 minute intervals so I decided I would just stay up with him all night. What a night. His fever crept up a little over 103 (that seemed so high to me but apparently baby's temperatures can get up to 105 before you need to start worrying. Who knew? Probably everyone but me) and he kept up with the 15 minute naps until around 3:00 am when his fever finally broke. He slept great for about an hour and then woke up in full meltdown mode. I rocked him, bounced him, and patted his butt, but nothing was working and I was so overly tired by this point I just couldn't take it anymore. I gave him to Elliot who put him in bed with him, rocked him for about 5 minutes and both of them were fast asleep. I was so annoyed. Why didn't he do that for me?
That was the worst of the it and it seems like he has fully recovered at this point. But this stupid flu didn't go away without leaving awfulness in it's wake. While Graham was sick, he would wake up about 5 times throughout the night crying because he couldn't breath or he was coughing and I would go in there and put him back to sleep. Well, somewhere in this last week, this night waking has turned into a habit (nooooo!!!!!) and I am not a fan. Graham started sleeping through the night on his own at 2 months and it had absolutely nothing to do with anything I did. One night he was waking up every three hours to be fed, and the next night he slept an entire 12 hours. I was a little surprised and a lot ecstatic. I had escaped the awfulness of having to teach him to sleep through the night!! Yeah!! Until now. Even though he has been well for the last several nights, he still wakes up multiple times crying, and when the crying is ignored, it turns into screaming. This is not good. I am so mad at this stupid flu virus for coming into our happy home and ruining the good thing we had going! I am praying Graham fixes this night waking problem on his own and I don't have to resort to other methods (anyone looking to adopt an adorable 6 month old?). We shall see.
In other news, it was 80 degrees yesterday!!! So crazy that in the same week it could snow and then be summer weather. We decided to make the most of the wonderful weekend (and last few days of Elliot's spring break) and go to the park for a picnic.
Graham was in charge of bringing the water.
After lunch he decided to lay back and relax a little.
I took the opportunity to try out my new roller blades. I almost killed myself in the parking lot when I accidentally took off down a steep hill, but miracle of all miracles, I am still here today. I really need to work on braking.The picnic apparantly took a lot out of Graham.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Go vote!

If you haven't come across this blog yet, I highly recommend you check it out. She is pretty hilarious. So hilarious in fact that Parent and Child magazine is considering having her write for their magazine. They have 10 bloggers that are in the running and everyone can go to this website to vote. So go check out her blog and then vote for her!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring break 2009

I can't help day dreaming about last years spring break where we got to sip on pina colada's and go snorkeling in this ocean:During our cruise to Mexico.
This year spring break is going a little differently. Instead of pina colada's, we are downing this wonderful stuff by the teaspoonfulls.As well as sucking snot out of a certain baby's nose.
Who didn't happen to like it all that much. Poor baby.Both Elliot and Graham are sick. Not fun. Elliot had a high fever for a few days and was really feeling crummy and now Graham has started hacking away. We have been spending a lot of days hanging out on this couch resting (not to mention several hours in the middle of the night holding a screaming, congested, upset Graham). And I think we all know it just wouldn't be spring break in Georgia without a little snow storm.
Crazy, I know. It started snowing on Sunday afternoon and kept going until nighttime! It was the first time I have ever seen more then a light snow flurry in Georgia. It was really pretty. We took Graham out in it but he didn't seem all that impressed.

Hopefully both boys will be fully healed before Elliot's spring break is over so we can have a little fun before school starts again.