Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little of this and that

Last week I was putting my make-up on and out of nowhere, the mirror/medicine came crashing down from off the wall and fell into the sink. So weird that it was sitting on the wall, perfectly content for a year and a half and then decided to fall that morning. It made quite a loud noise when it crashed into the sink and scared me a bit.
The weird thing is, Graham was sitting at my feet in his bouncy chair and I immediately looked at him to make sure he was ok and he was still sitting there, playing happily with his toy, completely oblivious to the fact that we had just gone through a life threatening ordeal (I like to make things more dramatic then they actually were). It was like he hadn't even heard the mirror fall. I would think most babies would have at least started crying or something. It was very Mr. Holland's Opus-like (you know the part with the firetruck that the baby can't hear?) I was fairly convinced he had some kind of hearing impairment for several days and kept sneaking up on him and clapping loudly to see if her would respond, making Elliot think I was insane. My study ended up inconclusive due to the fact that he only turned around about half the time.
Lately, if you put any object within an inch of Graham's mouth, he lunges for it and starts vigorously gnawing. I am thinking me might be starting to teeth but I don't feel anything coming in so I'm not positive.

(This particular picture warms my heart knowing we both share the same love)

The other morning, I went in to get Graham and I found him like this. The hilarious part was that he held perfectly still until I moved the blankets from off of him. I think he thought he was hiding and I couldn't see him. As soon as I moved the blankets he got all excited and smiley like I had "found" him.We started feeding him solids and he likes the sweet potatoes and seems unsure about the carrots and avocado's. Being the good parents we are, we are also supplementing his diet with airheads. I hear it promotes good health in babies.The other day the TV was on and Elliot was showing me something on the computer. After a few minutes, I realized there wasn't any noise coming from the tv anymore and I look up to see this.
Apparently Graham had gotten a hold of the remote and was attempting to break the password in order to watch something just a little more interesting.


Peggy Glasmann said...

I can't believe his RED hair!! How fun. You totally crack me up. I can just see you sneaking up behind him and trying to see if he can hear. I think you are safe!

Whitaker Family said...

I thought that Jack was deaf for awhile too, he just would not react to sounds. He is just fine, but there were a few days I was doing the same thing.

Chad & Heather said...

Gabbie does the gnawing thing too it's so funny. They are bound to get teeth soon! I can't believe that cabinet just fell like random! Love the food faces!

Loren & Autumn said...

Yeah, they can start teething months before their teeth actually come in. My boys have been teething for a bit now, but Troy's are really beginning to bug him. Poor babies that they have to go through all these tramatic events that they have no idea how to handle. Airheads, huh?