Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's snowing in Georgia!!

We woke up this morning (actually closer to this afternoon but whatever) and it was snowing!! Pretty exciting thing when it is happening in Georgia where about 2 weeks ago it was still in the 60's! I never in a million years would have thought I would say this, but since we moved away from Utah I kind of miss the snow. It's really pretty to look outside and see it falling. I love being all bundled up inside reading a book when it is freezing cold outside. Thank goodness I have nothing to do today (well, except chaperone a stake dance tonight. But hopefully that will be cancelled due to the snow) so I have spent my morning lounging in front of the tv. I'm folding laundry while I'm watching so I don't feel too guilty. Poor Elliot had to go out in it today to do his home teaching. And he HATES snow. Hee hee.

I realize this is not the best picture ever. I had just woken up. Back off.

Elliot refused to go outside to take a picture. He hates the cold that much.

View from our backyard.
View from our living room window. I think you get the point.


Megan and Adam Rogers said...

i just love this picture of you. youre so cute!

Zim Family said...

You do look adorably cute. Everywhere in the world has had snow except us. Strange. I don't really want snow, except I bought the kids their snow suits that Allen said they didn't need, and I really need to prove him wrong, dangit.