Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday baking

On Saturday Elliot and I decided to make cookies for all of the families we home/visit teach. It took us five hours to do it, but we finished strong and with a LOT of cookies. Elliot insisted on wearing his coveralls for the entire time which made things a little more interesting. It was like baking cookies with a mechanic. You may wonder why he owns a pair of coveralls. I don't know the answer to that. I don't know why he owns a lot of things. Well, that is about it. Nothing extraordinarily interesting happened while baking. Other then the fact that both of us were in the kitchen baking. That was pretty extraordinary.


Zim Family said...

I would really like to sink my teeth into those sweet nipple-resembling cookies. Seriously, they look delicious!! Lucky families. Nice shot of Elliot's Big Mama's House A.

Christa said...

Um, Elliot may have some issues with boobs because those cookies look like boobies...or maybe you have the issue. Seriously, some counceling may be in order.

Jessica G said...

You are just so cute. What is with all the talk of cookies and boobs....people are twisted.