Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have you met my nephew Carson?

Elliot's sister Megan had a baby boy (Carson) 2 months ago and I realized I never posted any pictures!! Here are some pictures from his blessing a few weeks ago. I think he was a little over a month old at the time. Megan and her husband Adam live in the same house as us so we get to see Carson all the time. He is the cutest little baby ever. It's really fun to see him get bigger every day, and being around him makes me so excited to have my baby!


Megan and Adam Rogers said...

I like that squishy picture of Carson!

Chris and Deveney said...

FINALLY!!! I have been patiently waiting for another post from yuo my dear! Nice belly, yours is cute and round-I hear ya on putting on the weight, it is crazyily coming on for me too. Don't worry the glucose test is sick, it like sugar water and for me(I don't eat alot of sugar) an instant headache, but they let me drink alittle water after and that helps. have fun! how are you feeling these days? My hands are getting more swollen-yeah for heat.