Monday, July 14, 2008

Caution: Pictures of Elliot in his birthday suit ahead

So today is Elliot's birthday. It is also his mom's birthday, so we had a lot of celebrating to do. Oddly enough, they both turned 25 this year! His parents got him this awesome suit as a gift. He looks pretty good in it if I do say so myself.
Unfortunately, I cannot get him to make a normal face for any pictures so these are what we got.
I tried to get Elliot Mario Kart but Target and Wal-mart were both sold out so this is what he had to settle for. Gotta love last minute gifts.


Tricia said...

Happy birthday Elliot.

Tracy- I got my mariokart at Game Crazy you know the video game store attached to hollywood video. Target, walmart and all the others are always out of stock. I can check here for you if you like?

Zach 'n' Jack said...

Happy Birthday Elliot! Wow, I didn't know that he and I were almost the same age! Crazy, eh? Love your dark hair, it looks so good Tracy!

Chris and Deveney said...

you look super pretty in that pic girl, love it! So sad you couln't make it to the reunion, start saving for 2010(that felt weird to type-it looks like some future far off date)! we all missed you, how are you feeling these days? I can not beleive that I only have 2 months left--ahhh!! i have to start preparing like crazy!

Christa said...

You looks so pretty in that pic, I like the dark hair...ohyeah, happy birthday elliot, blah, blah, blah.

Debbie must be in some sort of world record book for like having a baby your same age.

Jessica G said...

Aw happy B-Day Elliot!! I love your last minute gifts. Hope you guys can enjoy Mario cart soon!
Miss you guys. Hope you are feeling good!

amanda. said...

elliot...youre so young.
and i just want you to know that i went in gap twice on your birthday looking for seth cohen. all i wanted was a picture of me and him to send to you...but he was not there.
you should love me anyways.

tracy...holy crap only 67 more days!! what day does that translate to again? i wanna come home.

Zim Family said...

Holy mother you are almost done being preggers. More belly pics please!!