Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The rest of the Oregon trip

Pictures of my old "backyard." So beautiful. It was nice to be back there.

It was so fun to see Chrysta! We got to talk a lot, go around Corvallis, watch plenty of old Friends episodes, and eat good food (most important). We also Dyed Chrysta's hair this really pretty red color. It turned out very nice. I'm so sad we live so far apart!! Hopefully we will be able to see each other again soon. The wedding was beautiful. It was the first wedding I have been to outside of the temple which was fun. Amanda (my brothers wife) looked so beautiful. I loved her wedding dress. My nieces were adorable too. As usual. I can't believe how grown up they were! They have gotten so old since the last time I saw them. It makes me sad that I don't live closer. I also got to see my grandpa who isn't doing so well, so it was nice I got to spend some time with him. I had such a great time in Oregon and am so happy I got to go.


Christa said...

The moral of the story is basically that I'm totally awesome and most people can't stand being away from me and feel a need to migrate's a gift and a curse.

Megan and Adam Rogers said...

HELLLLOOOO you look SOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I love the dress and your hair and your makeup and everything about you! sexy lady!!!!

Practical Plaid said...

Tracy, you look so beautiful in the polka-dot dress!

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