Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dr's appt.

So I had a dr's appt. yesterday to find out how big the baby is. We got an ultrasound which was so fun to see now that the baby is almost all the way developed. The baby's cheeks are already so chubby! I would post the ultrasound pictures, but Elliot isn't here and I have no idea how to scan things in so I will try to post them later when he gets home.
So the ultrasound tech measured the baby and said it weighs 4 lbs. 7 oz. That makes it in the 55th percentile which the dr. said is good. We did find out why I am measuring so big though. The dr. said my amniotic fluid is measuring at 26 cm's and it should be measuring around 14 cm's. The dr. said she isn't really worried about it because on the ultrasound they could see that the baby's bladder and kidneys are working fine so that is good. But she is still having me go see a specialist just to have everything checked out to be on the safe side. I go in on Tuesday. I don't really know what the risks of having too much fluid in you are so I am interested to see a specialist to have them explain everything to me. I'm not that worried about it because my dr. doesn't seem worried. Hopefully everything is fine and I just have to deal with all this extra fluid. I guess that might be the reason that complete strangers keep asking me if I am about to go into labor or if I'm having twins. I don't think I look that big, but apparently the rest of the world seems to think so.

(here is another belly shot for your viewing pleasure)


Christa said...

Oh my gosh, I do not know how you do not think you're huge. You are HUGE! You serioulsy look 9 month wonder people ask if it's twins. I of course mean this all in the sweetest way possible...I mean you are preggers.

Alyson said...

good to hear you will not have to try to push out a 9 or 10 pounder.... it's not fun.

Chris and Deveney said...

I love your belly! It is nice and round, mine isn't very round...I totally wore a twinner outfit to church yesterday-black dress with black legging. Most of my dresses still fit, but are too short-annoying huh?? No worries about being big, if it is all fluid, then it will come off quick!

Zim Family said...

Seriously...wish when I got massively huge with my kids it was all fluid....I unfortunately could not pee the pounds away. Lucky.

Ashley Halsey said...

I wish my baby was too big...I've been losing weight the past 2 weeks so now I'm worried she's going to be some scrawny unhealthy tiny little thing! I'm having an ultrasound this week to make sure it's me and not the baby that's losing weight. They say my belly's still measuring ok so the baby should be fine, but I'm happy they're going to check just in case. In answer to your question, the name is...well at least I think (that is if Byron doesn't change his mind) LILA JANE! Good luck with everything, we'll let you know when she makes her big arrival!