Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm a party animal

here's a shot of the wild party

On Friday night Megan and I went to the Breaking Dawn release party at Borders. I use the word "party" extremely loosely. When we showed up, we were literally the only people there older then 15. Lucky for me, most of the time I seem to be able to pass for a high schooler so I blended right in. Although my gigantic belly did help me stand out just a bit, along with the awesome t-shirts we made for the event.

(does everyone love that I destroyed an EFY shirt to proclaim my infidelity with a vampire?)

I realize we are total dorks. I'm pretty sure we spent more time making the shirts then we spent at the actual party they were intended for. The party ended up not being as much fun as we had thought. I thought more crazy people would show up. But we were not completely disappointed. I was able to get a shot of him:

and let's not forget about this guy:

the back is even better

We giggled for awhile over that one (we had to giggle, not laugh, since we were in a room full of young girls. We were trying to fit in you know). We didn't stay long enough to get the books because, let's be honest, midnight is a little late for pregnant ole' me. Plus, stupid me pre-ordered the book on Amazon a few weeks ago thinking I was getting such a great deal. Turns out Amazon is not able to get the book to me until next Wed! and they charged me 1 dollar more then borders would have. I learned my lesson on that one. I am pretty excited to start reading the new book so I hope it ends up coming early.
That was about the only interesting thing I did all weekend. On Saturday Elliot and I went to Target and registered for my baby shower. I had no idea what to really get so we put about a 100 onesies and a 200 dollar glider on the list. Wonder which item will actually show up at the shower? hmm. I also woke up on Saturday morning suddenly extremely pregnant. I have no idea what happened but all the sudden every part of my body is in extreme pain and I can't get off couches by myself. Most of my pregnancy hasn't been too bad but now I am dying. My back is killing me all the time, I have this sharp pain in my left rib cage that I thought was just the position of the baby, but has now been there for 48 hours without letting up one bit. It makes it painful to laugh, cough, raise my arms over my head, sleep, walk, talk, ok you get the point. I thought most of my pregnancy has been pretty good without too many complaints, but I guess my body has been saving up or something because I have a whole slew of complaints now if anyone wants to hear them. I know Elliot doesn't because that is all he has been hearing about for the last 2 days. So if someone else could lend me a willing ear, Elliot would sure appreciate it. (Chrysta, look forward to Monday afternoon's phone call :)


Christa said...

So, Michelle and I totally went to Borders and Grassroots to check out their "party's" as well. Equally lame. I was really just hopeing I didn't see anyone I knew.

Alyson said...

oh, i wish i could have been there with you. I love the shirt. I know Tyson ordered the book for me from Amazon.... so i am waiting as well. But i am seriously tempted to just go over to walmart or target and get one. i will be sending Harper out regularly to check the mail.

Chris and Deveney said...

love the shirt, even better that it is an efy shirt-that is great. I need to go pick up the book, I have been so busy, I totally spaced that it came out this weekend. I have been feeling very pregnant for awhile now too-chris has to help me up from anywhere that I sit and I am SO tired, I don't want to do anything. We don't have much baby stuff yet either, some of the important stuff but I just made a list this weekend of baby essentials-we have a long way to go. do you have the same phone number?? I would love to call and talk to ya sometime, I can take the complaints because I feel the same way!

Zim Family said...

Dang. I need a sister or a girlfriend near me. Then maybe I could be a party animal too.

Chad & Heather said...

I just had to tell you that I am going thru the same...OH MY GOSH MY BODY IS FEELING BEING PREGNANT STAGE. I hope you are resting as often as you can etc! I also got your msg yesterday...We will talk soon. I am determined. Also - Love the shirt proclaiming your devotion to Edward:)