Thursday, October 2, 2008

Great news!!

The Dr. said Graham has been doing so well drinking his bottles (each feeding has only been taking him about 15 minutes) that he put Graham on 8 bottle's a day already!!!! So that means if he is able to drink all 8 bottles he will be able to come home in the next couple days! If he isn't able to drink them, it will take a few days longer, but still that is such great progress!! I am so excited. I can't believe he might be home soon. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday Aunt Megan finally got to go see Graham and hold him for the first time. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. When I was feeding him, he even stopped drinking to crane his neck around and look at Megan. It was pretty cute.

I am going up to the hospital today to feed him all of his bottles for the day and see when he can come home. I will update everyone as soon as I hear anything!


Zach 'n' Jack said...

Awesome Tracy!!! I've got my fingers crossed, I hope he downs those bottles!! Chow, Graham, chow.

Chad & Heather said...

Oh Tracy....I am so eagar for your little guy to come home! I am so glad that he is doing so well and It sounds like he is on the right track for coming home! I hope to talk to you soon.

The Zookeeper said...

Megan called and told me the good news!! I cant wait for you to spend a night with that little bundle of snuggliness. I am so happy and excited for you guys and Mr. Graham!!