Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trying to catch up on blogging

Tonight I discovered the easiest way to blog (or do anything that requires 2 free hands to be exact).
It's great! I have been sitting at this computer with him tightly mooshed against my chest for over an hour while I catch up on everyone's blogs. I do have my doubts about how much he is enjoying this experience. It doesn't look so comfortable to me and I have to keep going out to the living room to have Elliot make sure Graham is still breathing because I can't see him and I have a fear that his nose is going to be smashed up against me. Paranoid, I know. But mostly this discovery is the greatest thing ever. I can blog and email again! It's good to be back. I'm assuming you all missed me? (Not quite sure who "you all" is referring to, but it makes me feel good to think that there are people out there who have been anxiously waiting for me to post a blog).
Last week Megan and I went to a children's consignment sale. It was great! They had so much stuff there. I got an umbrella stroller for 5 bucks! I also bought 10 Dr. Seuss books for 15 dollars. What a steal. I have been reading one or two of them to Graham each day. To be honest, I am mostly reading them to myself since he either sleeps through them or intently stairs at the ceiling fan the entire time. I can't wait for him to get bigger and be excited about reading books. Although, if he decides to grow up to be more like his dad, video games might be higher up on the excitement list. Is it possible to force your children to like the things you want them to? Either that or I can just keep having kids until one comes out that enjoys my hobbies. Joking......mostly
So, motherhood. It's been pretty good so far. I gotta be honest though, when I was pregnant and imagining having a baby, I mostly day dreamed about doing kid projects and going on walks and playing dress up. Turns out an actual new born baby is a lot more interested in when the next feeding is then making cutsey halloween crafts. Go figure.
I am getting used to doing what he wants to do during the day and have been letting him choose the activities. So far our days are mostly filled with sleeping (can't complain there) and plenty of formula to go around (which in return means there is plenty of formula breath to go around. Care for a whiff?)
I don't have much to compare him to, but Graham seems like a pretty easy going baby. He likes to be held a lot, which happens to work out wonderfully considering we have 3 women in the house who love babies, as well as Elliot who also happens to have taken quite a liking to him.
He doesn't seem to get too crabby as long as I feed him on time and keep his diaper dry. Fairly easy tasks. Getting up in the night to feed him is definitley tiring, but not too bad as long as there is something good on TV at 3:00 am. There have been several times when the tv wasn't interesting enough to keep me awake and I nod off and drop the bottle. Graham is never too pleased by that.

When he is awake he can be so funny! He makes Elliot and I laugh a lot. Sometimes I just stare at him amazed that we made another human being. Isn't it so crazy?

In other news here are a few examples of the joys of living in the basement.Seriously, is this one a baby tarantula? I swear it is and Elliot says it absolutley isn't (and apparently he should know because he had a pet tarantula as a kid. Insane, I know).


ollie said...

Great post! Loved all the pictures and info. You and Elliot look fantastic for having a newborn! Ooohhhh... and doesn't formula babies breath smell gross???? I remember Isabelle just stinking all the time because of it! lol! Glad to hear things are going so well for you guys!

Christa said...

Umm, that bug with all the legs is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Jeremy didn't even know what the crap it was.
Graham is very cute, I can't wait to see the scanned pics of him and Elliot, I can't believe he looks so much like Elliot.
Enjoy the newborn stage, every stage seems to have it's ups and downs. Like when you're kid wont shut up/whining/complaining/telling you"no" and you wish he was a newborn again that can't all.

Alyson said...

ok, so funny, i am here on the computer with Ada in her snuggly. Some days i feel like a carry her around all day in the thing.

katie said...

i love little babies all cozy in their carriers. you look so cute with him cuddled up against you like that. makes me want to go get my baby up so i can cuddle with him some more... almost :)

amanda. said...

i think i say the same thing every time. which is...i love him! and tracy you make me laugh. haah youre funny on here. ok, and in real life, but you get my drift.

and that childhood tarantula was more like a family pet, so i think my vote should count as well...and that is...YES, that basement critter is indeed a baby tarantula. yall need to call terminix asap.

or buy a snake.

or make carson eat them.

id pick the latter. most cost-efficient.

Chris and Deveney said...

scary spider! i hate spiders! don't let my blog fool ya, i am not ready everyday, or even every other day--i hear ya on the not running around-i am acutally getting really anxious to start working out, really to just start feeling like myself again. is that a baby bjorn you have?? i seriously need one, that is great that you can get so much done now--the kissy face CAN be an indicator of a neck or back issue, but if he isn't grumpy or scream when on his back i wouldn't worry about it. paisley made it very clear that something wasn't right, but if graham is happy then no worries:)

Shaun, Andrea, & Max said...

He is so beautiful!!! I'm glad everyone is healthy and happy. I still think you guys should live in Utah and we can be friends, but I guess you just don't love us enough. I'll try to move on with my life! Graham is perfect!