Friday, December 5, 2008

All the things we did over Thanksgiving

We all went to see Christmas lights.
It was about 2 degrees outside so Elliot put Graham inside his coat. I guess he was pretty cozy in there because he fell asleep right away and missed all the lights.
He decided to come out when we got to the part where they hand out free hot cocoa but then pouted and fell back asleep after I told him he couldn't have any. (I couldn't find any mittens or gloves that would fit an infant so I ended up putting socks over his hands and it worked pretty well!)
There was a rousing game of charades. This is Elliot trying to get everyone to guess "Oprah's couch." My brother thought that was a really clever one he thought up.
We played battleship.
Graham tried to join in but couldn't hold his head up long enough to see the board.

There was a baseball game for awhile until no one could stand to be out in the freezing cold anymore.We read a lot of books.Unfortunately, Elliot had a project due right after Thanksgiving so he had to work on that all week.
And I just love this picture of Graham. My brother was giving him an airplane ride and it totally looks like he is trying to make airplane sound effects in this picture. Hilarious.


Zach 'n' Jack said...

holy cow, graham is so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like you guys had a great time, and i am SO glad he didn't scream the whole time!

Christa said...

Looks like fun! I'm sad that your parents don't live here any more, that would have been SO AWESOME if you came here for thanksgiving. Elliot does look an awesome Charadess- I made that up.

Chris and Deveney said...

lovin all the pictures, so glad that he didn't scream the whole way but i am not sure if i can indorse you drug induced sleep! i will say this, sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do. graham is so cute, aren't you just loving your cute baby-so fun. take care:)

Ashley and Byron said...

We wish we could have been with your WONDERFUL family again this year (and I guess with you guys too!) We were really missing that creepy "WE CARE" doll...oooo...still give me shivers. Anyway, we had a blast with you guys last year and this post brought back good memories!

Chad & Heather said...

What a fun trip!! I am so glad you guys got to spend time with your family.

Chelsea said...

Graham is a cutie. I love those great big eyes. We are going to be there from 12/23 through 12/28... it would be great if we could see you! I think that I lost your number though :( Will you email it to me?