Thursday, December 4, 2008

The ride there and back

Well, to mine and Elliot's surprise, Graham actually did really well on our car trip. Not to say that there weren't several times where we got to enjoy this:
But the crying was few and far between for the most part. I am thinking he did so well because of my extraordinary parenting skills. I sat him down before we left and explained to him that the trip would go a lot better if he stayed quiet and slept or read scriptures, or started trying to learn his ABC's (it would be about time, he's almost 3 months old for crying out loud!).  I really think I got through to him because he respects me as a parent and wanted to make me proud. He ended up choosing to sleep for most of the 9 hour trip.
There is a part of me that wonders if the baby tylenol had anything to do with it? Nah, I doubt it.
We were about 1/2 hour from my parents house and pretty happy that we had almost made it without incident when Graham started screaming bloody murder.  At first, we thought we should just keep going since we were so close, but I couldn't get him to stop and I thought I smelled poo so Elliot pulled over and I pulled him out to change him. Oh wow. There was definitely poo. EVERYWHERE. I had laid him on the carseat with the door open so I could change him and once I opened his onesie up, poo suddenly was on everything. My hands, arms, sweatshirt, his legs, feet, clothes, the blanket. It was crazy. How is it that I can have this baby for 2 1/2 months and the first time he has a major poop blowout has to be in the cramped backseat of our car with the 20 degree wind blowing on his poor little bottom? I had to take all of his clothes off since the poo had contaminated them all so he was totally naked in the freezing cold while I wiped his body off with cold wipes. The way he was screaming, I'm surprised no one called child protective services. Poor little baby. What an awful experience. Luckily for him, we had the camera handy so we can all remember this momentus experience forever. 

I think we were all a little traumatized for awhile afterwards.


The Barton's said...

Not too bad for his first trip. I so understand the blow out. They always seem to happen at the wrong time.