Sunday, November 23, 2008

One month pictures

So I decided to finally post Graham's one month pictures. So lazy, I know. We went to JC Penney's and I would highly recommend them. You can pretty much find a coupon for them in any parenting magazine or even in a JC Penney store. With the coupon, I got a free 8x10 and then every sheet of pictures after that was only 3.99. So both times I've been, I haven't paid more then about 12.00 for several poses worth of pictures. I love how these pictures turned out. He was crying during almost the entire thing so I'm surprised we ended up with a few good ones. The photographer would blow in his face and it would surprise him and then she would snap a shot. Genius (or possibly kind of mean).

And guess what?? I found some baby pictures of me in some of my stuff and, good news!! Graham does look more like me then I thought (sorry Elliot). Here are the pictures of me (they are terrible copies but it was all I could find) and then a picture of Graham in a similiar pose.Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We leave tomorrow afternoon to head to my parents house. Wish us luck. We will definitely be needing it (along with some serious doses of baby tylenol).


AmberN225 said...

Wait - Stop the bus. (Yes, I still read your blog all the time by the way :) ) You are driving to your parent's house in 9 hours? Did they move? Did you move? I'm confused - and probably mostly just really behind in my Corvallis news.

katie said...

he totally looks like you! love the pumpkin outfit... isn't halloween so great these days? good luck w/ the drive. he will probably sleep a ton. it's a good age to travel actually.

ollie said...

Man! He looks SOOOOO much like you! Can't wait to see you guys tonight!

The Zookeeper said...

Such a cutie....and I think he totally looks just like you! Hope the drive back was as successful as the way out (minus the blow-out of course!).