Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shots and highchairs

On Friday, Graham had his 2 month well check (what does that even mean? Why can't we call it a check-up visit?) I was so worried for him about the shots and how he would respond to them. Here is what he looked like right before we left. I love this picture. How can you resist that double chin?

When we got to the dr's office, the receptionist advised me to put a blanket over Graham so it was completely covering him because there were some sick people in the waiting area and she didn't want the germs getting to Graham. Elliot was holding him so I put the blanket around him and then noticed it looked like he was nursing him! We both couldn't stop laughing about it and luckily I had the camera with me so I got to capture the tender moment.Here's Graham right before getting his shots. Poor little guy.  He got really red in the face when he got the first shot and held his breath for a little bit before letting out a loud scream. Surprisingly though, he didn't fuss much more then a few minutes after the whole ordeal. I expected him to carry on and on about it but he seemed to be ok once he was being held again. That is until we put him back into his car seat to go home.  Apparently he didn't want to waste his tantrum energy on the shots and was saving up for the moment his little butt hit the car seat. He had definitely saved up enough energy. He screamed bloody murder the entire way home, and of course went back to normal once we were home and took him out of the car. What baby is more upset by a car seat then by two sharp needles being jabbed into his leg? Weirdo. I suppose this is a baby who had a spinal tap at 1 week old. He just may think these vaccine shots are child's play.
In other news, we have discovered sanity saver #2 (the first of course being this). I put Graham in Carson's highchair the other night while I was eating dinner and low and behold he sat quietly in it through the entire dinner!! It was pretty fabulous not having to pass him back and forth while we ate. And then to sweeten the miracle, he fell asleep in it halfway through the meal!! That is the first time I have ever seen him fall asleep on his own without being held. Who knew I could feel such love for a highchair?
I went and saw Twilight on Friday too. I went in thinking it was going to be a fairly cheezy movie that wasn't anywhere near as good as the books (what movie ever is as good as the book?) but that it would be entertaining. I ended up absolutely loving the movie though! I thought it was really great and followed the book really closely. All the characters seemed pretty dead on to what I envisioned them to be when reading the book, and call me a 13 year old girl, but Edward was so dang sexy my heart raced a bit during different parts of the movie. 


Chad & Heather said...

I am so glad Graham did fine with the shots. Gabbie also had her shots last week and she has never been so sad in her life...It took me like 45 min to settle her down in the room. I cried too:) And good luck with the road trip to see your fam for Thanksgiving. Sorry about him not liking the car seat...I so can relate to many things you talk about these days. I wish you were closer!