Thursday, November 6, 2008

Like father like son

So here's a little secret. Since I got pregnant, I have been really hoping that I would have a baby that would look just like me, whether it be a boy or girl. I literally wanted it to be the spitting image of me. Not because I think I am a great looking specimen (not that I'm not a fantastic piece of woman, that's just not the reason I wanted our kid to look like me) but because I thought it would be really cool to look at my child and see myself.
Since I was adopted (in case you didn't know, I was adopted when I was 9) I didn't have anyone in my family that looked like me. I do happen to blend into my family quite nicely and you would never suspect I was adopted because we all have the same pale skin and brownish hair, but no one looked JUST like me ya know? Like in those families where all the kids are the spitting image of each other and their parents? (i.e: Elliot's entire family) We also have a friend Kathryn whose little boy looks exactly like her and it is so adorable.
Anyways, so when Graham was born I kind of thought he was starting to look like me when I was a baby and I got pretty excited. I couldn't find any baby pictures of myself so I found some of Elliot's to compare and low and behold...
they look a lot alike. Darn that Elliot. I know they don't look like twins or anything, but there are definitely some strong similarities. The picture of Elliot is from when he is 5 days old (I don't know what kind of monster 5 day old he was but that is what is says on the back of the picture. Seriously, isn't his body pretty huge for a newborn??) and the one of Graham is taken from this morning (he is 7 weeks old today) so it isn't a great comparison. I haven't been able to find anymore of Elliot's baby pictures from when he is little older but if I find them, I will post them on here to see what you all think. I do think it will be pretty cute if Graham ends up looking just like Elliot, but I'll tell you what, if our next child is a girl and she ends up looking like Elliot too, that isn't fair and I will have to consider having the rest of my children with someone who isn't so selfish.

Edit: I just found this picture of Graham at 2 weeks old and thought it might be a better comparison.


ollie said...

I've actually always thought he looked more like you than elliot. Your nephew (Megan's kid???) looks EXACTLY like elliot. Your kid looks like YOU! lol!

Peggy Glasmann said...

All my kids look like their dad or their dad's family. Sometimes it just isn't fair. But then again, I didn't become the raving beauty that I am until after I married Reed!!!

Alyson said...

hm... I have always thought he looks exatly like you, especially in the eyes. and i am surprised i think this because i usually can never tell who babies look like.

Christa said...

yeah, the 2 week one looks more like him. I still think he looks like you though, it's the hair, he has your natural color, so if you forgot what it was, check out your son.

Chad & Heather said...

I must say that the 2 wk old pic looks a lot like elliot! He is so adorable:) I can't believe how fast they change and grow.