Friday, February 27, 2009

A bit of baking

So we have been doing quite a bit of baking lately. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I somehow stumbled into the world of baking blogs and I am totally addicted. There are so many cool things you can make! I love it. I have never been one to want to spend any amount of time in the kitchen (Elliot is the cook in our family) but these blogs I have been reading make it all look so easy and fun that I couldn't help but want to attempt a few of the recipes. So on fat Tuesday me and my cooking buddy made a loaf (not quite sure if loaf is the correct term?) of king bread.The only picture I took of the bread was mid preparation. Unfortunately I forgot to take one after it came out of the oven. After it was frosted it was supposed to look like this but let's just say mine didn't even closely resemble that picture. Too bad because they made it look so cute. But it still tasted good so no big deal.

Then today Megan, Debbie and I had to frost and decorate 100 cupcakes for a church dinner that Debbie and Bill are in charge of for the singles branch. It was really fun at first and we came up with some cute creative decorations but towards the end our energy started to die out a bit and some of the cupcakes turned out.....pretty ugly. Everyone agreed that I had a hand in making most of the really hideous ones. I got tired, what can I say?Here are some of my favorites:(We rolled out airheads and cut those heart shapes out of it. Super cute but soooo not worth the effort of doing it. That one cupcake took about 1/2 hour. I could have watched an entire episode of the Office. Gotta have your priorities.)

Both babies were strapped in their highchairs most of the day while we worked on the cupcakes. Poor guys. They were pretty good sports about the whole thing. As a reward, I let Graham try his first taste of peas. It seemed to go over well.
These pictures have nothing to do with the rest of the post, but I wanted to put them up anyway. Elliot put a burp cloth on his head and I thought he looked so funny. Doesn't it look like he is giving a peace sign? Thuggin it out. This is Graham watching The Bachelor with me. He is hoping Melissa wins. I am undecided.


Mitchell Family said...

I can't believe you guys made all those cupcakes and decorations and they had to cancel it! What did you do with all the cupcakes?!?

ollie said...

whoa! those cupcakes are impressive! I'm glad there are people like you guys who enjoy making pretty things like that so people like me don't have to!