Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm having the best birthday ever!

And it isn't even my birthday until tomorrow! I prefer to celebrate birthday weeks instead of just the one day. I feel that you should really milk it for all it's worth. And this week has been so great already. Debbie got me these great glasses as a gift:

It is so great to be able to slide a pair of glasses on in the morning instead of forcing a pair of contacts into tired eyes and then having to wait for an hour while the burning subsides (does that happen to anyone else? Or could it be that I am wearing my two week contacts well over 2 months to make them last longer?)
My next surprise was a pair of roller blades that my sister Steph sent me!!! I've been wanting roller blades for a long time and am so happy that I finally have my own pair. I have a big plan of going out everyday to get some exercise in them, but any of you that know me know that I talk a lot about the different exciting ways I'm going to exercise but when it comes down to it I have too many other things to do/my leg hurts/I'm a little tired today, maybe tomorrow/Graham is too fussy/there is a marathon of "The Hills" on/(insert any other excuse you can think of because I'm sure I've used it) so hopefully I really do use these roller blades. Elliot played roller hockey in high school so we could start doing it together which would be fun. Either way, it was so cool of her to send them.
And while we are on the topic of exercise, I also got a Wii fit from wonderful Nancy!!! I was so excited when I got it!! We have been Wii fitting it up since we got it and I totally love it. Graham doesn't let me do it for too long because it takes attention away from him (heaven forbid) but I have been doing it in little bursts throughout the day. I was a little wounded by it the first day I stepped on and it burst out laughing and called me obese and then changed my mii character to short and fat (I can't even be tall and skinny in my wii fantasy world. That does not seem fair). Ok, so it didn't actually laugh, but everything else I said is true. Obese. That is not good. I've been doing weight watchers since November and have lost 15 lbs (nevermind how much of that was baby weight. I'm still happy to see the scale go down) and was feeling pretty good and leave it to the Wii to bring me down. Darn him. Or her. I don't think it actually told me it's gender. Anyways, I am now working on not being obese. Seems like a simple enough goal. We shall see. I've also gotten to hang out with these two guys quite a bit during my birthday week. I don't know if it gets much better then that.


Chad & Heather said...

Happy Birthday Tracy! Such great glasses!I haven't tried wii fit but I know I looks like a lot of fun, and rollerblades! Wow. You deserve the best birthday ever. If I lived closer I would totallly watch Graham so that you and Elliot could go out..anyway..Have a great Birthday!!

Whitaker Family said...

Happy Birthday! I love birthday weeks too. I think birthdays should last as long as you can make them. I hope you have a great time celebrating! You are awesome, and your little family is adorable. ENJOY!

ollie said...

Happy birthday! You got some great stuff.... can I borrow your friends/family for my birthday????

Ashley Halsey said...

Sorry to hear about your obesity. -Byron

Looks like the last Wallace hold-out on the look-a-like glasses finally gave in. I'm glad they finally decided to initiate you 100% into their clan. They look great! -Ashley

Ashley Halsey said...

Forgot to counteract Byron's comment. My first reaction was: She is NOT obese!!! And we forgot to mention one very important thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

The Zookeeper said...

Happy Birthday lady!!
Those glasses are super sexy.
Ryder says goodnight to Graham's picture every night. And Linley is always trying to hug it. That little man is too cute for words.
Hope your birthday is fabulous!!

Christa said...

Nancy who? like bio-mom Nancy? If so that is sweeeet. You should totally start rollerblading whilst pushing Graham in his stroller, I bet he'd be forced to close his eyes and go to sleep do to the sheer velocity. Also- maybe we should have a healthy competition, I want to lost 20lbs by May, that's 5lbs a month...including this you care to join me..don't you want to win me? Fat chance sucka I'll push your face in the dirt and then have little kids come and fart on your nose (I know a lot of little kids)!! Did that work? Do you feel the need to through it back in my face? If so let me know and the game will be on! Happy Born Day, I'm glad you were born and then went through lots of foster care to eventually be adopted by the Parkers...that really worked out for me, thanks.
love, your bff xoxo

deveney said...

you look so pretty in the glasses picture, happy birthday! i didn't know you were doing ww, i did it for about a month and lost 7 lbs-love it! i need to start again once we are home and hopefully lose the rest of the baby weight..i wish we lived close so we could go together, that would be nice(our leader is a bit over the top-how bout yours??)