Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fools!

This morning I checked my google reader and there were some very clever posts on April fool's pranks. After reading one particular one I was convinced of how hilarious it would be so I decided to do it. It was making cupcakes out of meatloaf and then putting mashed potatoes with food coloring on top to make it look like frosting. Ha ha ha. I was going to be the funniest person alive after I pulled this trick on everyone. So I made the meatloaf (which actually ended up being super delicious) and put it in the cupcake liners and into the oven.
and then "frosted" them all. I could hardly wait to trick my first victim. This was going to be so great! As soon as Elliot got home, I made him eat one, even though he said he wasn't in the mood for a cupcake. Oh gosh, I couldn't wait for his reaction!!! Talk about anti climatic. He saw they looked weird as soon as he took off the cupcake wrapper, asked me what they were and then, after eating one, asked what was for lunch. Not exactly this amazing prank that I had envisioned. I took the rest of them to my YW presidency meeting in the hopes that they could all be fooled into eating them. 10 times worse then Elliot's reaction. The meeting was hours after I had originally made them so I had to re-heat them so they were looking a little.....gross. So even when everyone thought they actually were cupcakes, no one looked all that enthused to put one in their mouths. And then when they found out they were actually made out of meatloaf, there was no roaring laughter or pats on my back for how hilarious I was, just some minor grossed out faces and some polite "oh no thanks, I'm full." I can't blame them, I had no intention of eating one myself but come on, this was supposed to be such a funny joke!! Next year will have to be better. At least Graham giggled with me while we were making them this afternoon.And tonight I was reading my best friend Chrysta's blog and what do you know?!?!?! She did the same excact prank on her family!! Chrysta and I have been friends since we were in 6th grade and it is nice to know that we both still think the same things are hilarious (even if those things also happen to be the same things we thought were hilarious in 6th grade).


Christa said...

That is soooo funny we did the same thing!! How crazy.
Did you even try yours? I didn't, this was my first time making meatloaf..and it was turkey meatloaf, it was not super appitizing at all- Jeremy loved it though. I can't believe we both did this!

ollie said...

Isn't it sad when people aren't as cool as you? You were cool. Your prank was super cool. I desire to be you.

Kathryn said...

Tracy... that whole thing cracks me up. I can totally imagine you (or even myself) making it all up thinking how creative and cool it is... only to be let down by the poor reactions. I can totally see and hear Elliot the way you described him too. Not in the mood for a cupcake!! Come on!! Just Eat it!

Chad & Heather said...

That is so funny:)

Mitchell Family said...

Seriously Tracy, I really WAS full. Otherwise I would have totally eaten one. Surely I didn't have a grossed out look on my face. :)

meli said...

I read the same site you did, so I knew what it was. I didn't want to give it away, so I didn't say anything. I should've eaten one, and been a better sport--sorry : ( The next time you make fake cupcakes that are really meatloaf, I'm your gal-I'll even eat 2!

amanda. said...

hahahha. oh geez. love it. love you.

Anonymous said...

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