Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is the adorable Easter outfit I picked out for Graham. A pair of sweatpants (that I think are getting too small for him) and a random onesie. I really went to town for this holiday. Poor Graham.  On top of having to wear the same old clothes he wears every day, he also didn't even get a basket. It was almost as if this holiday didn't even happen................
except lucky for him, I happened to walk by the $1 rack at Target and picked up this little beauty.
He didn't think it was so lucky. He thought he looked like a girl. 
Even though we didn't go all out for Easter, we of course used the opportunity of celebrating a holiday to eat three times as much food as normal.  I made my first attempt at Challah bread and was pretty excited with the outcome. I have always been too scared to make a yeast bread outside of my bread maker. It turned out to be a lot easier then I expected.
I also saw these cute cupcakes on a baking blog and had to make them.  Aren't they cute? 


Chad & Heather said...

Nice work on the bread and cupcakes! Gabbie had those lucky bunny ears too!!

Megan said...

I made those same cupcakes! I waited until the last minute on Saturday night to get stuff, and Wal-Mart was picked clean by then, so they didn't turn out as cute as yours.