Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jam jam jam, jam and bread

Last week my friend Betsy and I went to a u-pick strawberry farm and each got a gallon of strawberry's for 10 bucks! It was great because when you get home you don't have to pick out all the disgusting moldy ones that are hiding in the middle of the other strawberry's like when you buy from the store. I think I am converted to u-pick fruit farms from now on. 
After we were done picking, Betsy showed me how to make homemade jam. Turns out it is really simple. Who knew? (probably a lot of people other then me) I chopped up the strawberry's in the food processor, added sugar and pectin, and dumped the entire mixture into tupperware. Piece of (strawberry) cake. And it tastes soooo good. 

During the whole process, Betsy apparently got jealous that I am pretty much a professional jam maker, so she dumped my pureed strawberry's all over!
After her act of violence, she saw the error of her ways and helped me scoop the strawberry mess back into the bowl so I could finish my masterful jam making. (Side note: if you are disgusted by the fact that I used spilled strawberry puree in my jam, I would advise you not eat jam at my house). 
I forgot to take a picture of the finished product so here is a picture of Graham's teeth. In case you were dying for an update on his dental progress, I can feel third one poking through on top. 


Alyson said...

you mean you were not converted to u-pick fruit farms after our summer job of blueberrie picking? That was so much fun.