Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank goodness it finally stopped raining!

Graham's top tooth is finally poking through. If you look closely in this picture, you can see it. He seems to sporadically remember though out each day that teething is painful and he should be crying incessantly, but then he'll get distracted by some toy that will keep him busy until the next burst of pain. Poor guy (as well as poor us). 
I took him to the pool  today for the first time. I went with the quick method and plunked him right into the water for him to get used to it. He was not very happy for about a minute, and then seemed fine. I am hoping he acquires a love for the pool so that we can spend our days there (and I use the word days quite loosely considering he only seemed interested in it for about 1/2 hour).

I couldn't resist putting these pictures up. He cracks me up.


Christa said...

that last outfit looks like something Elliot would love to have in his wardrobe- mention to hime that Target usually sells adult one pieces in the winter.

Erica said...

Honestly, Graham is way too cute for words. I really need to see that little man. That grin is just too much!!

Prissy & Hero said...

Tracy, he is SUPER cute!

deveney said...

i want to kiss that face, so cute!!!

Our family said...

i like his mowhawk. what a cutey.