Monday, January 25, 2010

One laugh and all the naughty times are forgotten

Graham has enough toys for 8 children. Yet, my entire day is spent keeping him away from the DVD player, every trash can in the house and the plants.
Last night we started putting Graham to sleep at 6:30. He screamed his head off until 10:40 when he finally slumped over in Elliot's arms and started snoring. I think he does these things just to show us who's really the boss of this house. And trust me, it certainly isn't Elliot or I.


Heather said...

Oh my goodness! What a long night. 6:30 cause he is tired or ? I am sure it will get better but good luck!! Love the giggling video!

Alyson said...

see it's fun.!

meli said...

Sawyer has those Superhero jammies too! I know exactly what you mean about the toys vs plants, trash, etc. Sawyer is the same way-crazy kids! That laugh is so cute-we need to get together for a playdate soon!

deveney said...

thank you for thinking i can pull off anything, i think i am totally going to be rocking the red lips. don't be surprised to see them at the cabin in july, because full lipstick is ALWAYS appropriate for camping in the middle of summer:) as for my eyes, i got my make up done at the make counter, they used some nude type colors with a heavy liquid black eyeliner and the falsies. i totally want to buy the make up, if ya want the specific names, i think i have them somewhere and could give them to you-just let me know!