Sunday, January 17, 2010

Run to your local JC Penney's sale!!

Last night we went to the mall to check out the sale at JC Penney's that my friend had told me about. I got a pair of running shoes for $20.00!! Their Asics. Is that a good brand? I have no idea about anything sports gear related as my butt hardly ever moves from off the couch so I rarely have any need for a specific brand of shoes or clothes to get me anywhere because my bathrobe does a perfectly fine job. That is until now because I have decided to join a gym and get in shape! The last time (and possibly only time?) I bought a pair of running shoes was for my 17th birthday present from my parents. I am turning 28 next month and I am still wearing those same shoes. So I decided it was probably time for some new shoes. After we bought them, we decided to peruse the children's section and found these gems:

Awesome super hero PJ's. After Elliot couldn't find them in his size he decided to just get them for Graham.
Graham was super excited to wear them.
I love this little suit!! Does it get any cuter then this? These suits were $4.00!!! All of the clearance items are an extra 75% off right now because they are trying to get rid of all their winter stuff. Go check it out because there were some really great deals.
Wanna know what Elliot made for dinner? Chile Relleno's. They were absurdly delicious. This is what my life has come to. Blogging about sales and what we eat for dinner because nothing actually interesting is ever taking place. Please help me.
I'll leave you with some awesome family pictures we took tonight. Graham was super into it and loved every minute.


Kari said...

I LOVE your comments about what Graham thinks. Hilarious!

Megan said...

mmmm will you make me that exact meal this week please??
i love grahams suit. he looks like a pimp.