Friday, September 26, 2008

Dumb blogger still won't let me post video's

So I still can't post any of the video's I've made. Hopefully later today I can put them up. If blogger still isn't working, I will try to put them up through you tube. I got some really cute ones so I'm excited for everyone to see them.

Graham has been officially moved to the intermediate status in the NICU!! So only a little mor progress and he will be home! Last night we went up and Elliot finally go to hold Graham for awhile. He was only supposed to be able to hold him for 1/2 hr. but the nurse was so nice and let Elliot hold him while he was being fed! They just put the food in through the tube that goes up his nose and down into his stomach. So Elliot got to hold him for a whole hour! I was definitely jealous.

I called the hospital this morning and they said Graham had a really good night and is not having any more problems breathing which is great. They are giving him a bottle three times a day and he is doing better with it but is only drinking about 1/3 of the entire bottle so he will have to work on that. I get to go up today at 5:00 and hold him for awhile and they said I can feed him his bottle!! and change his diaper!!! Am I the first mother on earth who is ecstatic to be changing a diaper? I can't wait.

As for me, I am feeling really great. I feel like I am healing a little bit more each day which is wonderful. I still have about a 4-5 month pregnant belly but that should go down in time (right? RIGHT??) Hopefully by the time Graham comes home I will feel pretty good and be able to tend to him without too much pain.
He is so perfect to me! I love that he still has all that hair. I thought for sure it would fall out.


EliB said...

Congrants on the baby! I heard about everything from my siblings back in GA. I'm so glad that the baby is making progress. I hope everything is going well for you guys :)

denise said...

He is so beautiful. Thankful everything is going good. Such a beautiful family Congratulations!!!!!

Christa said...

as soon as you start nursing that will really help shrink your unterus back down. He is too cute...I think the hair starts to think at like 2 months? But he has a lot, maybe you wont even notice! Eva's hair totally thinned compared to when she was first born and then to two or three months, but I never noticed, only in pictures. Have fun tonight, I'm so excited for him to go home!!

Tricia said...

Congratulations you guys. I'm so excited that he gets to come home soon. He looks so cute.

thecamps said...

he looks so content with you guys..Congrats and I hope he gets to come home very soon!!

Chris and Deveney said...

so glad to hear that things are getting better, he is so cute! I love how little they are and just how precious each new little move is-you are going to love having him at home. all of the sacrifice is worth it, and boy is it ALOT of sacrifice, good luck with everything!