Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little boy Graham

After Graham was brought into the nursery, he was having some problems getting enough oxygen. He has some fluid in his lungs which may happen after having a c-section. Graham was brought into NICU where he is now on oxygen, antibiotics (in case he has an infection), and an IV since he is unable to eat at this time. He had an x-ray and the doctor said his lungs are fine but, do have fluid in them. The doctors seem confident that everything will be just fine. For now, the poor little guy has to stay in NICU for the next 48 hours. Tracy and Elliot are able to visit him whenever they want but, are still super antsy to hold and cuddle their new little guy. Graham should be out of his oxygen tent anywhere from a couple hours to tomorrow. Both new parents are doing well but, are very tired. Keep Graham in your prayers. He sure is SOOOOOOO beautiful! Stay tuned for more pictures!


thecamps said...

he will defin. be in our prayers and so will his mommy and daddy. keep us posted. and congrats