Friday, September 5, 2008

I suppose we will be buyer larger hats

Last Friday I had a dr's appt. We had another ultrasound to check my fluid levels and this time they were at 29.8 cm's! Average amount of fluid at 36 weeks is around 14-15 cm's so I am double what most pregnant women are. No wonder everwhere I go people ask me if I am having twins! My baby has an olympic size swimming pool in there. He/she better be enjoying it while it lasts because it is getting pretty exhausting for me having to heft it all around.

The ultrasound tech also estimated the baby's weight at 7 lb. 6 oz's!! and at that point I still had 4 weeks left for it to get bigger so this could be a pretty big baby. My dr. said she still thinks I can do a regular delivery, we will just have to monitor the baby's size in the next few weeks. I have one more ultrasound at 39 weeks to see how much bigger it has gotten. The ultrasound tech said she didn't think I would make it to 40 weeks though so we shall see.

The other thing the ultrasound detected was that the baby's head is out of range which means it is measuring bigger then a newborns already! I can hardly wait to try to push that out of me. Hopefully it doesn't get much bigger in the next few weeks. The ultrasound tech said that the head is covered in hair too which is pretty exciting. I didn't even know you couldtell those kinds of things on an ultrasound.

I am getting so excited to see what this baby looks like. Chubby, huge head with lots of hair, sounds like perfection to me. I have anotherappt. today. I am hoping I am dilated or that something is going on down there. I can't believeI only have 3 weeks left!!


Chris and Deveney said...

3 weeks, you are so close-you can make it! I cannot believe that you are carrying around all that extra fluid, bet your baby loves it-my poor princess doesn't have any room-everyone thinks I carry small and I know she doesn't have any room because I constantly feel her moving into my rib cage! we need to talk soon!

Megan said...

There is nothing wrong with having a big head. Unless some mean guy in your sixth grade class calls you...never mind. Apparently I'm still not over that one. Anyway, that's really exciting!

Alyson said...

Both of my boys were chubby and had huge heads. In my opinion there could not be a more perfect baby.

ollie said...

Wow! You're gettin' a ton of ultrasounds! I only had 2 with each of my kids!

It's so stinkin' exciting to think that you guys are going to be parents soon! I can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving!